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Louise Parkinson

Louise started counselling in her twenties when she established and co-ordinated  a women’s refuge.  Since that time she has gained immense experience in both individual and couple therapy and trained in various therapuetic techniques including MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy).

Louise bases her counselling and life on mindfulness, kindness and compassion including accepting everyone for who they are and where they are in life.  She also beleives that in order to grow and move forward, we need to challenge our thought patterns and way of doing things.

Louise’s areas of interest include:

relationships / conflict resolution
cancer / serious illness
anger management
grief / loss
low self-esteem and personal growth
change / life challenges
sexuality / gender issues
children and youth

Louise provides a very safe and nurturing environment which encourages clients towards change and growth. She challenges people to look at unskillful thinking traps and unhelpful habits of behaviour, all the while supporting self-acceptance and love. Louise specializes in mindfulness therapy which invites peace into our lives through learning how to be fully present in the moment. She also incorporates many other evidence based practices including cognitive behaviour therapy, family therapy, emotionally focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and brief solution focused therapy.

Louise is passionate about social justice and rights for all people, regardless of religion, place of origin, sexual orientation, beliefs, gender or any other factor.