Professional and Accessible Counselling Services for Huntsville, Muskoka & surrounding communities

69 West Rd, Huntsville, ON., P1H 1L4.          (705) 380 1202




Regular Sessions

Regular 50 minute sessions – $95.00

Psychological Services through Dalton Associates
(supervised by a psychologist and covered by most health insurance) – $130

Low Income Earners
Are you a low income earner or a student? We base our life and business on compassion. If you feel you need help and are unable to afford the set rate, please let me know and we discuss the possibility of special arrangements. Please have your tax return ready to present if necessary.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Want some confidentiality?  Rather not ask your parents for money?  I offer a special flat fee of $20 a session for local area high school students who want to come on their own without getting their parents involved. Please call me for your confidential appointment.